Actual quotes taken from evaluations and Reference letters:

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What "they" say about Conway!

(Comments taken from evaluations and references letters)

Conway, thank you for enriching our lives. Thank you for inspiring others with your dreams. Thank you for sharing with the greatest people on earth, my clients and co workers. I wish you could have talked with Irene, the Russian lady, who attributes your book to saving her son from self-destruction. Darrell Cincinnati Ohio. 

"This was excellent! The best one I've heard yet. I'd like to see Conway back again. I felt as if he was talking directly to me."

"Liked his positive energy, well organized and delivered. Motivational!"

"Excellent motivational speaker. Vis a vis a trainer - that's what we expected and what time allowed. Good job, entertaining and inspirational."

"Simple, yet effective, easy to read, very enthusiastic, obviously cares about his message, active energetic, to the point."

"This helped me a lot. Great Program."

"A nice reminder topic for those of us who are exhausted at this time of year."

"All in attendance personally expressed to me how glad they were to have heard your presentation and that it will help them in the days ahead. I might add, other OEHE personnel were disappointed that they couldn’t make it to your presentation especially after hearing others talk about it."

“Enjoyed hearing a professional speaker who knows how to deliver a presentation to an audience!"


"Did a good job - first time I've been to a meeting in a while and the speaker was really good."

"He was ready for the group. Packaged a good message in some traditional terms. Good mix of humor with broad based knowledge. I cannot think of any group who would be harder to deliver his message to. This group would pressure any speaker if the talk/presentation was on motivation. His finish was the best part of his presentation. His approach rests on self faith/belief."

"Your direction and enthusiasm during our retreat laid the foundation we needed to come together with our ideas and goals."

"...your speeches are great in content and delivery."

Than you for taking your time, energy and talents to share with us! We were truly inspired and are ready to dream higher. Robert & Tonya Disberger

Dear Conway, Thank you for your words of challenge, encouragement, and hope. Patty Hough, Louisville Ky.

Thank you for your inspiring presentation to the members of the Christian Church Campus of Louisville. The uplifting content of your talk as well as your entertaining presentation style touched everyone in attendance in a wonderfully positive way. I am anxious to read your book and look forward to the next time our paths cross!

Keith Knapp CNHA

Campus Administrator

Dear Conway, I am receiving too much credit for how well your presentation was received by our staff and auxiliary members! It just goes o prove what good taste I have in selecting you. As I’m sure you know, you were extremely well received and no doubt have set a high standard for future meetings. Thank you so much for your willingness to help us out and in such grand style. Thank you again for your outstanding performance. Amanda Stanly Louisville, Ky. 

Conway I met you at the Smith conference in Minneapolis, MN. I was the former Miss Iowa. I want to thank you for your inspiration and ministry! You have many gifts and God is using them as you reach for your dreams! Sheri Riley Prescott

I love to hear, see, enjoy a Conway performance! Dee Young Indianapolis In.

Conway, thank you for being with us for the Chaplains retreat last Wednesday night. You did a great job. Please send me a copy of your book. Gene

Mr. Stone, I bought your book today and I’m inspired and motivated, for I am a dreamer also. Five years ago I was fired from a company I worked for 15 years. Depression set in, but I got through it, and am doing better. Your book came to me a jus the right time. John Ferguson Louisville Ky.

Dear Conway, Words cannot adequately express how much we appreciated the time you so willingly gave to all of us at the Setzer Spring Leadership. Your talking about getting beyond the barrier of our past and dreaming higher was greatly appreciated. The Lord has bless you to be a blessing and we are very grateful that we were the receivers. Thank you again for all your did to make the weekend memorable. Don & Jude Wells.

Dear Conway, Thank you very much for giving your time and talent in making our educational sessions at the Spring Conference successful. The comments that I read on your evaluations were very positive and I hope that you give your presentation at other functions as well. My follow your dreams card is on my desk. Bob Mc Donald Toastmasters International

Dear Mr. Stone, On behalf of the Catholic Employment Network, I would like to express our deep appreciation for your presentation on “Follow Your Dreams.” You message was uplifting, encouraging and inspiring. Phil Osborn Louisville Ky.

Conway, enjoyed your presentation at the Louisville Sales Club. It was very meaningful as well as interesting. Keep up the good work. Ina Lausdue

Conway, super job at the Sales Club presentations today. Your are good! Bob Wade Professional Speaker Louisville, Ky. 

Thanks! I enjoyed your speech – great message. Hope to see you again. Ann, Mo.

Congratulations on writing and publishing your book! I’m about half way through and fined it refreshing and enjoyable. Jack

Dear Conway, Tanks much for an inspiring and exciting presentation last evening. Moving us to dream for our church was especially helpful for me. Thank You Ann

Conway and Polly,

>  Thanks so very much for speaking at our Dream Weekend in Tulsa. > I appreciate your giving us the address for your website. Conway, you are so relatable. I thought that and heard it over and over as well from other folks. I've heard many motivational speakers, many of these same topics. BUT, for some reason, you really touched me. 

I'm working on my dream pages and started reading one of my new books on the airplane last night coming home to Denver. As I shared with you after the Sunday service, it meant a lot that you actually showed us YOUR Dream Book .that you weren't telling us to do something that, yourself, have not already done yourself. I'm sure that, of course, other speakers have done what they suggest as well; however, it really meant a lot more to SEE yours!!

>  I enjoyed talking with Polly on Friday evening as we were waiting in line . . . and I bought books from her.

> THANKS VERY MUCH - - - You have made a difference in my life.

With love and best wishes,

> Karen 

> P. S. Maybe it's because it felt as though you were both "one of us". You were so REAL, sincere, and touchable.

"...Conway Stone should be called the "Ambassador of Enthusiasm!"

"You have opened the door for our organization to bring in speakers outside of our profession because you were such a hit! I will recommend you to our planning committee for future presentations at our state meetings."

"Your motivational, dynamic message was a great way to start the day!"

"We were especially impressed with your ability to fit the needs of our staff." 

Review of Follow Your Dreams by Conway Stone

Reviewer K Rose of INA Books

“Very easy to read. Felt like I was listening to the author. This book is inspiring and motivating. There is nothing in the book that is offensive to anyone. This is one of the best books I’ve ever read; definitely the best I’ve read focusing specifically on the dream and how it affects all areas of our lives and visa versa. The author does a great job of making the reader see everyone is important that we are all critical “anonymous Americans” that make a big difference.

All in all I feel this is one of the best books I’ve read for our business focusing on the most critical element of it – Dreaming. 

Mr. D. Conway Stone,

I thank you sir for your marvelous book “Follow Your Dreams”. I have recently put into pratice your 8 step process and can already fee the results happening for me. For this I give thanks to you and your book and I look forward to my dreams becoming reality. Thank you Merv Roach Calista, Australia

Message: Hi just wanted to let you know. How much we enjoyed your talk this weekend. We were at the Howards meeting in St John,NB. You helped us to make the decision to move forward with our lives. Have a great day, and DREAM HIGH. Chris & Karen Gautreau NB Canada

Message: Hi Conway, Donna and I just wanted to say hi and thanks for being in St. John NB last weekend. I have never been this excited in quite a while about my dreams. You are the most relatable speaker I have listened to in my life. I am positive we will cross paths again, so see you later Conway. Thanks again and we love you. Ricky and Donna Coulomb NB Canada

We really were motivated and inspired after hearing you speak at Greg Howard's summer conference this past weekend in St. John.   Thank you!!! Mark & Tammy Richard  Quebec Canada

Message: Conway,

You are a great speaker and you did a fantastic job this weekend in St. John at the Howard Summer Conference. Kathleen Gardner Nova Scota Canada

Message: Hi Conway & Polly,

We met on 4th of July weekend in St-John, NB at the Howard Summer Conference. We really enjoyed and appreciate all the information you gave us and your gentle heart at sharing your dream books. Ruthe St-Pierre Omaha NB

Hi! M. Stone

We met a the St-John's conference in New Brunswick. We had a

conversation about me and my job, my mission with kids. Since then, I

had many thought. I really think that soon I’m going to have the

happiness to motivate people to do more in their life, to get to their

level of achievement. I'll start to apply my knowledge with kids at

school, they are the future. So to prepare myself I start by writing

down what I see, what i will do. When i will be finish i would like you

to check it out and have your advice... Since I’m very young, I see

myself traveling around the world, helping community built a new

school, a irrigation system and bring smiles to people face. I'm very

grateful for the life I have but their something missing... I really

think that soon 5 to 10 years from now, I'll be speaking around the

world bringing picture of what is failure and success, what people can

do to fell fill. I began reading more each day. I'm reading your book

" Follow your dream" and "Failing forward" of M. Maxwell I think that i

have to educate myself to be able to educate other people.

I'll be waiting for your response

Thanks for the inspiration and the guidance

Martine Jacques, a future motivational speaker


Thank you so much. I really appreciate!

I wasn't sure whether the e-mail went or not...I'm still a little bit on the

old ways... but in process of changing!

All the group enjoyed so much Conway talk at the conference. Powerful

information. Can't wait to get the dream book and start the process!

You both have made a difference!!

All the best to you and hopefully we will see you in the next one.

In the future on my own conference in Brazil!

God Bless, Neves Silva

Conway, Please add my email address to your newsletter list, Thanks,

And thank you for the books and tapes and your fantastic motivational talks

to Global Net! You fire me up! Ellen Hudso 

Conway, I loved haring you at the Howard summer conference in St. John Canada. You were awesome! You were just exactly what I needed…and at just the right time. Thank you. May God continue to bless you. David Stan Hong