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"Why do people do what they do?" has been a question i have asked for over 50 years. When I was 12 and workers came over to our house, i would ask, 'why are you laying carpet or working as a carpenter?' 'Why are you doing this job rather than another trade?' Years latter, as a professional speaker and thought leader i found my purpose: 'to enlighten people through positive and cognitive psychology to the vast possibilities that lie within them.'


This I Believe

People with brains like yours have traveled the world, invited the computer, gone into space and created multi billion dollar companies. You have the same opportunities and far more power and potential than you can currently imagin. Like the kid on the cruise ship who bought food from the vending machines, because he did not know the buffets are free for his taken. Let's explore together what is possible.


Keynote Presentations

"What would you do if you knew you could not fail?" is the question that underlines all of our curriculum. Your dreams, desire and goals are obtainable. What is needed is a believe that it is possible and a plan for their achievement. Our companies have got to become personal development corporations.

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The New Psychology of Great Achievement

Using the latest techniques of positive psychology and the guidance of cognative psychology Conway presents pratical techniques for accomplishing great achievement. Ideal for network marketing, sales organizations, conventions and self development organizations.


Emploee and Talent Retention

 How do we retain our talented work force. Companies today cannot hire talent, if you do you will be in a bidding war for the best talent and your employees will leave you for the slightest raise in pay. To keep the best talent your company must become a personal development corporations. Places where people find meaning and the ability to explore their potential. 


Change: Creating the Future

Why do we do what we do? Why do we resist change? How can we create the future... 


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